Fulfilling it’s mission, Healthy Water Co. often has to introduce new technologies, new knowledges and procedures. In these complex projects interdisciplinary skills are required. It is very important, especially in such pioneer enterprizes, not to discredit the achieved quality of products and services. With very hard work and complex team work, former efforts have become a part of everyday life. Cooperative works with recognized experts, in introducement of complex technologies and know-how, brought special quality to image of Healthy Water Co. Friendships made during works are another immeasureable power of the company. Top experts of various specialities in way “from idea to realization” helped products and services of Healthy Water Co. to reach present quality and to find the way to the future consumers.

 Healthy Water Co. expresses it’s gratitude to all friends and promises even more joint successes and friendly gatherings …



BIO2 International Inc., USA, technology

Prof. Vladimir Jorga, MD. Ph.D., expert consultations

Red Star Caffe, O2 bar, presentations

Pazovačke Novine, media 


Multimediotheque “Cvrčak”

Agency for IT projects, technical support and training


4P Marketing mixMarketing agency for beauty and health



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