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  Market acts of Healthy Water Co. attract a lot of attention. Also, employees and expert associates take part in activities of many branch societies, experts’ associations and humanitarian organizations. Clips from popular press, family magazines and professional journals, with media clips about presentation campaigns and another activities of Healthy Water Co. are the topic of this part. In order to present all information about company activities to all users, Healthy Water Ltd. will do it’s best to present the spirit of it’s enterprises, plans and business policy within this page.

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February 2007, magazine Business&Finance, ("Biznis&Finansije)" advertisement,

January/February 2007, number 38, magazine Healthy Life ("Zdrav Život") advertisement,

December 2006, number 96, magazine Mom Life ("Mama") advertisement,

2006/2007 Catalogue for business users, advertisement,

October&December 2006, number 37, magazine Healthy Life ("Zdrav Život") advertisement,



Together with famous brands

October, 2006, number 64, magazine Auto market ("Automarket"),  company Landirenzo advertisement, respectable customers reference list, including Healthy Water Ltd. reference,


October 2006, publication Business&Finance, Business top 2005, ("Biznis&Finansije, Biznis Top 2005.)" advertisement, and CD ROM multimedia presentation,

Jul&August 2006, number 35, magazine Healthy Life ("Zdrav Život") advertisement,

June 2006, number 5, magazine Gossip ("Trač") advertisement,

May 2006, number 4, magazine Gossip ("Trač") advertisement,
"About water, oxygen and health" also in new April cycle of 3 channel RTS Brunch program...
Successful Health water Ltd. advent in Brunch program during the Mart and big audience concern about healthy water theme was the

Dr. Prof. Jorga,  well know international expert, sport, and Healthy Water Ltd. consultant practitioner give impressive personal effort in first April broadcast of Brunch program.  His Inspiration explanations and eloquent answers on speaker questions give right focus on oxygen and water enriched with oxygen in real life, for sportsman and during recreation. Thanks to exclusive right in 11 countries for distribution of ASO® Activated Oxygen technology of US company BIO2 International Inc., Healthy Water start to supply consumers on SCG market with oxygen enriched waters before those opportunity was implemented in most industrial countries in Europe....

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See screen show about "Water, oxygen and health"
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22.03.2006 we celebrate the Word Water day. Due this reason during the Mart Healthy Water Ltd. take plenty of promotional and educational activities. On the right photo Slavoljub Stefanović Healthy water Ltd. and Ivana Višković speaker in 3-th channel popular Brunch TV program, in front of water cooler dedicated to TV audience.

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Mart 2006, number 31, magazine Healthy Life ("Zdrav Život") advertisement,

December 2005, Catalogue "Food and Drinks", advertisement,

December 2005, number 84, magazine Mom ("Mama") advertisement,

November 2005, number 27, magazine Healthy Life ("Zdrav Život") advertisement,

October 2005, number 33, magazine Enterprise ("Preduzeće"),  advertisement,

October 2005, number 25, magazine Healthy Life ("Zdrav Život"), advertisement,

September 2005, newspaper "Politics"  ("Politika"),  advertisement. Heart holiday action announcement to citizens. Action was held in Belgrade on island Ada Ciganlija during worldwide celebration of Heart day. Healthy Water ltd was one of the action sponsors on 25.09.2005. supporting the events and plenty of participants, famous sportsmen's, very know public people from culture, government, medicine and citizens with healthy waters. The Healthy Water ltd watercoolers and healthy waters give a special taste to complete event and beautiful nature of Sava island.

For more detail see the photo reportage

September 2005, number 25, magazine Helaty Life ("Zdrav Život"),  advertisement,

September 2005, number 32, magazine Enterprise ("Preduzeće"),  advertisement,


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