What makes the water so important ?


  Our body consists of water in amount of 50 ÷ 70%. It is vital to our health as much as the air we breathe. The water is the main dissolver for all metabolic processes, removes toxines from our body, “greases” all ankles, regulates the body temperature and is the most important part of living creatures’ cells.


What is the quality of drinking waters in the world today ?


  The quality of drinking water is the lowest ever. The condition of natural springs is bad for the bad influence of antropogenic factors.



How high-mineralized waters influence our health ?


  Experts say that those waters are dangerous if taken in large quantities. Too high mineralization has bad influence on kidney function. WHO recommendation is to use high-mineralized waters the same way ordinary medicines are used, not in unlimited quantities.



Where Zdrava VODA comes from ?


  Zdrava VODA is soft, refreshing water, of special taste, with high percentage of dissolved oxygen and great creation potential through redox reaction of natural antioxidants. Zdrava VODA is made of clear water, purified by filtration and reverse osmosis, which is the perfect way of purification because it does not include the use of chemicals. Purification is performed by non-toxic membranes, which are permeable only for water molecules, and all other inclusions (organic and inorganic compositions, bacteria, viruses etc.) are stucked on the outer side of the membrane. After that, water gets enriched with oxygen, by special lincensed O2 technology.



Why reverse osmosis ?


  This purifying process at this very moment is the state-of-the-art, for it’s non-toxic membranes that permeate only molecules of water, holding back all organic an inorganic elements, bacteria and viruses that can be found in water. This way purified water is mineralized in optimal amount, so the low-mineralized water is created, which is recommended for everyday unlimited use. That’s why such a water is suitableboth for athletes and for children.



What water contains the most oxygen of all ?


   Oxygen is naturaly absorbed in water. Benefits of “pure” spring water are obvious because the oxygen content is up to 11 mg/l. However, nowadays the drinking water is commonly taken from water supply pipelines, where the oxygen level drops down to average 4÷6 mg/l. The source for that water are underground, river and spring waters. After physical and chemical purification, during it’s travel through pipelines, all the way to our homes, water looses up to 50% of oxygen and has no opportunutuies to get enriched somewhere on that way. Zdrava VODA is bottled and it’s average content of oxygen is 35÷40 mg/l, which is 10 times the content in pipeline water or ordinary bottled waters.



Why the blood oxygene level rising is important?


  Lab researches have proved that Zdrava Voda is easily absorbed into the blood, together with the oxygen carried, and thus helps with most of the important processes in human body, such as mind clearing and wounds healing, and with high blood oxygen level man feels better, has more energy and is healthier.



Why Zdrava VODA is absorbed better than other waters ?


  Zdrava VODA is packed in unique way, which rises the level of dissolved oxygen in water. Contemporary examinations, by mean of magnetic resonance, have shown that waters from water pipelines or from wells contain 10÷13 H2O molecules long chains. Oxygen enriched water, like Zdrava VODA, contains 5÷6 H2O molecules long chains, or the half of size. That’s why Zdrava VODA is absorbed easier than waters from water pipelines or other bottled waters, and is faster in rehydration of all body cells.



What is the influence of oxygen to digestive system and immune system ?


  Our digestive system has millions of cells that use oxygen. Production of digestive acids requires energy, which means oxygen. By the mean of blood, oxygen is transported to the liver, and then to the bloodways of the whole body. 60% of our immune system is placed by the digestive system and it is instantly sypplied with higher oxygen concentration. It means that both immune and digestive system work much better in oxygen rich environment and thus contribute to better health of body and soul.



Why do we choose Healthy Water?



… because it is different from everything we have ever tasted, it is light and refreshing, enriched with oxygen, unique on the market …

One of the most significant advantages of Healthy WATER is it’s ability to neutralize free radicals, that can cause illness even at healthy people.


Healthy WATER:

  •        strenghtens immunity

  •           increases energy

  •           increases awakeness

  •           improves digestions

  •           helps with headaches

  •           slows the hartbeats down

  •           gives better taste to coffee, tea and fruit juices

  •           speeds up the recovery after illness




For healthy life – Healthy WATER


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